Saturday, February 14, 2009

3 Months in the Making - Lily Climbs a Step!

Yehaaa! Another milestone met!

For the past three months Lily has been trying to scale the single step from our family room up to the kitchen area. What seems like such an easy task for the rest of us, was, and still is, a big challenge for Lily. She kept working at it and finally did it on Thursday of this week!

Many people have asked about Hippo therapy and how it is helpful. This milestone was met the day after we had Hippo. Our PT feels like Hippo has been very helpful and we have only been 3 times! With Hippo Therapy we have PT 3x per week and it has been wonderful for Lily's gross motor skills. On Wednesday in Hippo, the therapist had Lily standing on her horse! It is was like watching a circus act! Also at Hippo they had Lily climbing up onto mats and walking in a special walker. We are thrilled with this therapy and recommend it to everyone.

We are also adding another therapy to our case load. We just got approved through our early intervention program for a Vision Specialist. She will work with Lily on her visual tracking and attention. Lily still does not look at us very well and uses alot of peripheral vision. We are struggling getting her to sign and hope this may help. Our OT and ST were instrumental in getting this needed therapy. We start it next week!

Here is a video of Lily going up the step!

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Kimberly Whitaker said...

This is so exciting!!!! How cool! By the way, we are going to look into Hippo and water therapy for Abbie soon. Hope it works out. Congrats on Lily's progress!