Friday, February 20, 2009

2009 Scrapbook Extravaganza benefiting the 1p36 Support & Awareness Annual Conference!

On Saturday, February 7 we had a Scrapbook Fundraiser event to raise money for the 3rd Annual 1p36 Conference that will be held here in Indianapolis. The Conference will be July 31-August 2nd, 2009. The Conference is run 100% by volunteers and the funds used to put on the conference are from donations, fundraisers and sponsorships.

The Scrapbook Extravaganza Fundraiser was a HUGE success! We raised over $1700!! I am continually overwhelmed by everyone's generosity - especially during our current economic times. Many of these women have never even met our Lily and yet they opened up their pocketbooks to donate to our conference. We feel so blessed to have such generous people in our community.

A Heartfelt Thanks goes out to the following sponsors of our event:
  • Jeanne Spaletto and Jill Sutton - Creative Memories Consultants - Donated all of their profits from the sales of scrapbooking supplies to the event. $500 came from their donation alone.
  • McAlister's Deli - Donated Lunch - Sandwiches, Chips, Sweet Tea, Cookies, ice, plates, napkins and silverware.
  • Starbucks - Donated coffee and pastries for the morning.
  • Carmel Lions Club - Donated the space used for our event. We had 30 women sign up this year and we used almost every inch of space!
We are actively taking donations for the conference and looking for sponsors. Please contact me at for any details including where to send donations for the 2009 1p36 Conference.

You too can have a Scrapbook Fundraiser for the 2009 1p36 Deletion Conference!

This Scrapbook Fundraiser is easy to plan and can raise a lot of money in just one day. You should be able to find community businesses willing to donate their space and products for this event. Try local Lions Clubs or Parks and Recreation areas. Some hotels may even be willing to donate if they have an off just depends on the area. You can try to get Lunch and Breakfast provided by community sponsors. We charged a small registration fee - $30 for early bird sign ups and $40 for the rest. Since everything was donated we were able to keep 100% of the money raised for the event. We also had a small raffle of scrapbook items that generated a good amount of money as well. Creative Memories scrapbook consultants are fairly easy to find online and may be willing to donate their profits. It was nice to have their tools and product available all day for those who needed it. I have a nice registration form that you can use - we can just change the information. I also put together 2 boards of pictures of 1p36 children. One board was of Lily - for people who know us ,etc. The other was of several kids from our 1p36 Family. And there you have it! A fundraiser! :)

Please contact me with any questions -


Kimberly Whitaker said...

This is great. I love the idea. I think there is a lady that goes to our church that owns a Scrapbooking store. I think I will see if she would be willing to do something like this. I may be contacting you for more info. Great Job!

hailie said...

that is so graet of all the money you guy got for the 1p36 kids. this is hailie mom sherry i hope to see you there and see you books that is a good way to put all of you kids on a book

Shay said...

Julie how wonderful!! That is soooo awesome! Keep up with the good work. And this post reminds me that I should get on my fundraising! Trying to collect for March of Dimes now so once that's done I will start with the 1p36 fundraising! Great work everyone!!

Gavin Ross said...

Julie, thanks for all your efforts. Glad it was so successful!

Talk to you soon