Saturday, September 13, 2008

1p36 2008 Conference

We are exhausted from a wonderful day at the 1p36 Deletion Conference 2008 in Boston. It was a great experience and we met alot of amazing people and even more amazing kiddos! They were all so sweet.

The day started with breakfast and showcased 3 great speakers throughout the day. To see some notes on each speaker, visit Nate and Melanie's blog. The conference ended with discussion about the date and location of next year's conference. Indianpolis, Utah and Oklahoma City were the final candidates for 1p36 2009.

We capped a wonderful day with a great Italian meal with our new friends Stephen, Karen and Aiden (1p36) from New York.

More to come tomorrow. For now... some pics from the conference today...


Kajsa Farnsworth said...

I'm so glad you made it to the conference... and equally glad you shared some pictures for those of us that couldn't make it. Thanks! Hope things are going well with Lily and that she is feeling better after he illness.

Unknown said...

I wish we could of made it this year. The pics are great. Hope all is going well.